Argentine Tango Classes in Perth. Learn to dance Argentine Tango. Various tango classes in Perth, Fremantle, Mosman Park. Tango Argentino is an improvised dance. Learn social dancing through dancing Argentine Tango.

Perth Tango Classes. Perth’s premier and leading tango school with professional teachers. Dania & Barry specialize in Argentine Tango and spent years perfecting and exploring the depths of tango.  Tango Argentino or Argentinean Tango group classes in Perth, Private Tango Classes available as well. Bridal tango classes or tango performances available.

Argentine Tango Classes in Perth


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NEW: Beginner Tango Class starts

Thursday March 19th 2015.

King Street Arts Centre: 357 Murray Street

4 hours group session $80

Thursday March 19th 5-7pm

Thursday March 26th 5-7pm

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Contact for: Bridal lessons, Performances & Private lessons

Recommendation: These guided meditations are highly recommended to help you relax the body and mind, get clarity and insight as well as dance better.

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We reserve the right to postpone the start of the session if at least 8 registrations are not received.

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Tango is a fun relaxing social activity for all ages - it is totally improvised, a true social dance, based on effortless communication between leader & follower.   Tango will develop poise, elegance, balance, confidence and relationship skills. Learn this beautiful dance through group classes or private lessons.

Our classes provide you with expert instruction, in a fun, relaxing environment that will enable you to enjoy social dancing.  Click here for some inspiration.

We also offer performances for special events and bridal classes.

Just try it and you’ll discover why so many are hooked on Tango.

It’s not only fun and an opportunity to meet new friends, but it’s a great way to relax and keep fit, all while having a great time.

Click here for great article on health benefits of Tango

Dancing makes you smarter

Article on partner dancing 0499 305 152

Not just learning how to dance

“Tango class is the highlight of my week!” - Kristie